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10 Amazing Destinations in Kerala You Didn’t Know About

Kerala, one of the most beautiful places to visit in South India is very fondly known as ‘God’s Own Country’. It is a place most suitable for relishing an absolutely relaxing vacation. This coastal state is abundantly rich in tropical beauty, wildlife, temples, and traditions. And most of all, the pristine greenery of this place would surely steal your hearts. Here is a list of ten destinations that you just can’t miss if you happen to visit Kerala.

Alappuzha Beach

This beach is a favourite picnic spot of many. Accompanied by a lighthouse, it is a very interesting place to drop in. Here, you can enjoy the Alleppey Backwaters on houseboats. Known as ‘Venice of the East’ and the best backwater destination in Kerala, this would surely give you an enthralling experience like no other. Along with this, you can relish the gorgeous landscape, water lilies, ducks in water complemented with fishing. Months from September to May are the most appropriate to visit Alappuzha Beach.

Fort Kochi

Kochi is in the centre of Kerala and is not just the most significant tourist spot but also happens to be the commercial capital of Kerala. Formerly, British, Portuguese and Dutch have visited here and left their impacts and influences. Therefore, Fort Kochi portrays a blend of all these cultures. Known as the ‘Gateway to Kerala’, it is a home to the foreign heritage of South India.


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Munnar is a hill station in Kerala situated at the convergence of three mountains; Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. It has tropical wildlife and plants and is especially known for its startling flora. One can enjoy the soothing hills, winding lanes, green forests, and grasslands. It happens to be the highest peaks in South India and a great place to holiday at. If you are fond of tea and love trying different kinds of it, then this is a must-to-try place for you. Here, you can actually get to taste absolutely fresh tea from the garden. You can also see how tea leaves are processed by the workers.


Kovalam is a highly acclaimed beach of Kerala from decades. It is an eminent tourist destination. Here, one can enjoy all sorts of fun activities ranging from swimming to body massages. One can relax and sunbathe or can participate in yoga workshops or simply enjoy the seafood. This beach has a complex of affordable cottages, resorts, and shopping markets.


Varkala lies on the border of the capital city of Kerala i.e. Thiruvananthapuram. It is a very quiet place. The aura of this place is loaded with tranquility and peace, which is why tourists love dropping by here. Some of the tourist attractions here are The Papanasam beach or Varkala beach which is known for the natural spring that it harbors. It is a very less crowded and clean beach. Its waters are believed to be highly sacred and pure. Varkala also has a millennia-old Vishnu temple, an important pilgrimage of Hindus. Though simple, it is a very charming and rejuvenating place to be at.


If you are a nature-lover, you ought to visit this place. Wayanad is a beautiful mountain region which resides on the Western Ghats and has thick forests and fields. Here, you can try climbing the Chembra Peak which lies in the south of Wayanad. It is an absolutely thrilling experience yet requires a great deal of energy. This activity generally consumes the entire day and is quite tiresome. Similar to this, is trekking at Neelimala. This too is a wonderful experience to undertake as the top of this hill would give you a magnificent view of the underneath valley.


Your trip to Kerala cannot get completed without haunting at Thekkady. This place is known for the prominent Periyar National Park. It is open all year around and is known for its wildlife and astonishing plantations. This park is rich in flora and fauna that you might not get to see anywhere else in the country. Among fauna, various species of Asian elephants, deer, tiger, and leopard can be found here. Moreover, many species of woodpeckers, flycatchers, and the Indian hornbill can be found. Apart from these, you can also get to see frogs, toads, several species of fish and snakes near the Periyar Lake and streams.


The Golden capital of Kerala, Thrissur is known for its heritage and culture. It is situated on a hillock and is home to the very auspicious Vadakkumnathan temple, an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to lord Shiva. Mural paintings portraying certain episodes of Mahabharata are showcased inside the temple. Thrissur is also known for its very famous Thrissur Pooram festival. It is a colorful and an absolutely delightful festival of Kerala. It is held in the months of April and May. Onam celebrations also take place in this city during August and September.


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Ashtamudi is the second longest lake in Kerala that stretches across a distance of 16 kilometers. It finally merges into a sea in Kollam. It has one of the most beautiful backwaters in Kerala. One must visit this place in order to adore the serenity and tranquillity of nature. It is very less crowded and has incredibly tall coconut trees.


Bekal Fort is a very significant tourist spot. It is a beautiful place with greenery all around and cool breeze. This fort has been featured in Indian movies many number of times making it all the more interesting place to visit. This fort has actually been built up from the sea and its lower part is drenched in waters.

Kerala is indeed India’s paradise. It’s a place worth exploring. With the most beautiful beaches, hill-stations and exotic wildlife, Kerala is a blend of nature’s beauty. From food to beverages and from various cultures to traditions, you can find the most fascinating things in this state.

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