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10 Best Tourist Attractions in Goa

With some of India’s most stunning beaches, amazing sun, and sparkling sand, the bite- sized state of Goa is a thriving travel destination of India. But the tourist attractions in Goa is more than just these. Goa has a charm in everything, right from the always merry people, the diverse culture, the touristy vibe, to the mouth-watering variety of seafood. There are times when Goa doesn’t appear to be a part of India but some beachy island of Portugal.

If Goa is on your mind for the next vacation, here are some of the best tourist attractions of Goa that you must visit.

Calangute Beach

The largest beach of North Goa and one of the most popular beaches in the country, the Calangute beach is a coastline that almost everyone will recommend you whether you’re a local or a tourist. The vast shoreline with calm sea waves and grainy sand makes for a perfect day out for one and all. Whether you want to get some tan, play with the water or enjoy the water sport activities or the eateries alongside, Calangute beach is a must visit.

Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa

Situated comfortably in old Goa, the basilica of Bom Jesus church is one of the oldest church in the state and is world renowned for holding the remains of St. Francis Xavier, popularly believed by the locals to be the protector of Goa. Built in the early 16th century, it is a part of UNESCO world heritage site. In fact, the entire old Goa is a part of the world heritage site. Bom Jesus means the infant Jesus and the church is a tribute to the infancy of lord Jesus.

Spice Plantations

Take a trip around Ponda and you’ll sense the scintillating aroma coming from the dense spice plantations. The beautiful lush tropical climate of the place, makes it a preferred place for growing exotic spices. Take a guided tour of the farms and enjoy the picturesque scenery along with the amazing spices that exceptionally enhance the flavor of your food. These farm plantations are spread across an area across hundreds of acres and are a treat for every age group.

Aguada fort

Surrounded by the river mandavi, the Aguada fort derives its beautiful name from the fresh water fountains (also known as agua) inside the fort. This 17th century fort was built to defend the Portuguese against the imminent attacks of the Dutch and the Marathas. The 13-meter-highlighthouse is a must-see sight of the fort. The vaulted cistern that can store up to 10 million liters of fresh water is nothing less than an achievement, during the 1800s.

Arvalem waterfall and Pandava caves

Natural beauty is at its prime around the 6th century Pandava caves in North Goa. The cave is especially famous for the ‘linga’ that is held in the middle compartment of the cave. It essentially has five sections altogether and each section has history draped in its rocky walls. The caves are also called the Arvalem caves. Surrounding the area, there is the Arvalem falls. Cascading down at the height of 50 meter assures you of an impeccable view.

Dudhsagar falls

Literally meaning the ‘sea of milk’, Dudhsagar falls is an amazing four-tiered waterfall situated just 40km away from the Madgaon, it is best viewed from the railway bridge that passes right in front of the fall. Mostly, the trains slow down around the bridge to allow the passengers to view the beauty of the fall closely. Unfortunately, due to its location, there’s no platform available for tourist viewing, but that does not deter the tourists to see the falls.

Reis Magos fort

Restored to its former glory, initially used as the residence of the viceroy, the Reis Magos was later changed to a fortress. Until very recently, it also served as a prison. Beautiful Portuguese style watchtowers, calming laterite walls and an impeccable countryside view, the Regis Magos fort is a perfect place for a day out.

Night Markets

One of the integral experiences of the Goa tourism are the Goan night markets. Interestingly, the night market culture was started off by hippies who sold their stuff to earn money, a visit to the street night markets are now an integral part of the itinerary of the packages of goa. They are now the best places to buy accessories and other handicraft items sold at bargained prices. Moreover, it is more about the experience of the vibrant street market, live concerts, and delectable food stalls.

Shri Mangeshi temple

Whoever said Goa is only about churches, the state has some amazing Hindu temples as well. One such temple is the Shri Mangeshi temple in Ponda. The 450-year-old temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. The seven-story lamp tower also called as the deepstambha. The prominent presence of Nandi bull statue inside the temple is a special attraction. One of the largest temples in Goa, it is located on a small hillock. It is also one of the most popular destinations in Goa.

Baga beach

A mesmerizing beach that enlivens from morning to night, the Baga beach is known for its beautiful sunrise and sunsets. The beach boasts of exciting water sport activities and some amazing beach shacks as well. People come to the beach to chill out during the day and enjoy the night beach parties as the sun goes down.

Goa is the smallest state of India but the richest of all. The Goan festivals, monuments, beaches, forts, and other attractions bring millions of tourists every year to the state. So, why are you lagging behind? Pack your bags and head for a memorable vacation to Goa, today!

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