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Top 5 best travel destinations you must visit in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a small hilly town and you can see some Kanchenjunga peaks and breathtaking views. Reason behind Darjeeling being one of the most liked travel destinations are its tourist places and attractions are gardens & parks, waterfalls, view points, historic places, museums, monasteries and temples. The hill station is also an entrance to one of the popular treks in the region of Indian Himalayas. The Sandakphu-Phalut trek is among the places from where one can catch the full scenic view of Himalayan ranges in eastern part.

The town of Darjeeling pushed the lesser Himalayan has attracted the lots of travelers from all around the world. It is situated in the state of West Bengal of India. The vast tea estates are present in the state that are producing best tea. Until it is taken by Gorkhas, it was under the control of kingdom of Sikkim and after them it is ruled by British. The hilly town of Darjeeling is small about 10 square kilometer and it has some districts that stretched up to a large area of 3108 square kilometers.

The best time to visit is around temperate weather and if you love to enjoy the snow then you can also visit around winter.


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The travel destinations are following:

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

A 2 ft narrow gauge railway is running between Darjeeling and New Jalpaiguri in the state of West Bengal is called as Toy Train also known as Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Its elevation varies from 100 meters at New Jalpaiguri to 2200 meters at Darjeeling.The most famous attraction built in the years between 1879 and 1881. It was declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999 making DHR, the second railway in the world to have such an honour.

In 1998, this honour was given to Semmering Railway of Austria. For transforming the property into World Heritage List and counting it as World Heritage Site, the most important examination is of authenticity, management, integrity and protection of properties. It must be of utmost universal value. The railway is a distinguished example of a hilly passenger railway. Natural Calamities like landslides, floods and earthquakes have damaged the line past the years.

The Indian Railways are also planning to digitize this inventory of heritage. Along with the declaration in 1999, it is also mandated to create a fender zone and a local unit for conservation along the length of the railway.

Tiger Hill

It is listed among one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling and the highest point in the region. Its elevation is about 2,590 m. It gives a perspective view of Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest together along with peaks like Rathong, Kokhtang and Kabru in the sunny morning. At 3600 meters from Phalut, you can also have a glance of similar scenic view. At this elevation, one can only reach during the trekking.

The trekking route of Phalut starts from Manebhanjan and passes through the Giribas, Tonglu, Sandakphu and Kalapokhri. Another travel destination in and around Darjeeling is on the route of trekking that is the Singalila National Park. When we hear someone saying “Tiger Hill” the first word which comes out from my mouth is waaaaooooo.

The outstanding vision of the eastern Himalayas on Kanchenjunga- the mountains covered with snow enhances the beauty of sunrise and sunset. Both sun rising & setting can be spotted from here very easily. For enjoying the peaceful beauty of the destination, it is advisable to go during the day rather than evening or noon. During the night time, you also visit there so that peaks are visible and you may observe the absence of fog or mist.


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Batasia Loop

It is a heaven for the lovers of nature, mainly known as the radial of a narrow gauge railway track on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Here, the toy train forms a complete loop around a circular garden. Around 50,000 square feet of area is covered by the loop and surrounded with the various flowering plants. An eco garden, eateries, many restaurants and Gorkha War Memorial is maintained here.

It is very close to Ghoom and just 5 Kilometres away from the town of Darjeeling. It is also one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling. The best time to visit loop is on a clear sunny day giving the scenic view of Kanchenjunga range. The memorial for the Gorkha soldiers of the Indian Army who sacrificed the lives after the India earned Independence in 1947. The meaning of Batasia is airy space.

The loop has been covered by the grass and decorated with some perennial and seasonal flowers and shrubs also.

Chowrasta and Darjeeling Mall

One of the best places in Darjeeling is located in the heart of Darjeeling town, one cannot afford to miss the trip to Chowrasta and Darjeeling Mall. It is among the popular travel destination. On one side of the mall, there is a layer of thickly covered forests of pine under the shadow of mountain peaks and on other side there are shops of handicrafts, carpets, traditional garments, paintings, jewelries and metal wares.

Some of the best shops, eateries and restaurants are Curio corner, Habeeb Mullick& Son, Golden Tips, Jolly Arts, Sunset Lounge &Nathmulls Tea and Art Shop of Bhutan Tibet. Another travel attraction for shopaholics is the Bhutia Market, close to Chowrasta.

Peace Pagoda and Japanese Temple

In 1972, the Japanese temple was inaugurated which is among the major pilgrimage sites of Buddhists. This is a fine example of traditional architectural style of Japan. The temple consists of two storied white building in which a large prayer room is maintained where a drum is being beaten and the prayers are offered by the chief priests that rebounds to build a sober atmosphere in the temple premises.

Peace Pagoda is a monument in proximity to Japanese Temple built for the inspiration of peace and helping the people to unite in the search of peace of the world. From the top of this Pagoda/ temple, tourists can have a peaceful view of the scenery of Darjeeling together with Kanchenjunga hence making it one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

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