12 Things to Remember If You Want to Book the Perfect Hotel with Your Elders

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Traveling with the family is one of the dreams everyone probably has. If there’s anyone you want to spend your first out-of-the-country, most likely it’s your family. There’s always something in the family which makes it stand out from all the other relationships out there.

One of the challenges that many families encounter is guiding their old-aged family members while being able to enjoy their vacation and accommodation. No one’s complaining! It’s just a fact that because your elders aren’t as strong and enthusiastic as you, traveling with them isn’t as easy-peasy as traveling all by yourself or with people of your age. And you can’t leave out your lovable elderly family members! They should also see and experience the beauty you’re going to witness as you travel.

Book Hotel
Book Hotel

Your elders may get tired earlier than everyone does. Sometimes, they might not be in the mood to go out. Some attractions like amusement parks with extreme rides and games are not suitable for them. Some of the activities which you’re planning to do might not interest them. So if all these have high possibility rate, what’s the automatic solution? “I’ll just stay here.” Yes, there are times when they’ll just choose to rest and stay in, that’s why choosing the perfect hotel not only for you this time but most especially for your elderly loved ones is fundamental. This time, when you choose and book an accommodation, you highly consider their needs.

Below are 11 things to be mindful of as you book a hotel with your elderly loves so everyone will have a fun and beautiful travel and hotel experience!

1. The Lowest Floor with Rooms
If possible and as much as possible, aim for a room located on the ground floor of the hotel. Your elders might not be into so much moving, walking and waiting. They may also want to take a rest immediately upon reaching the hotel, so a room on the most accessible and nearest floor would be best.

2. Friendly Elevators
If number 1 isn’t possible, this will help. Elevators are needed for, of course, going up and down. Again, they might not like a lot of walking. Rooms near elevators are advisable too. Make sure that elevators are well-functioning.

3. Wheelchair and Its Accessible Rooms
Before reserving a hotel room, ask regarding their wheelchair facilities and charges; inquire for discounts and cost-free wheelchair services. You might need a wheelchair most especially when your elders get tired while strolling around the place but don’t want to go back to the hotel yet. Also, see to it that the room you’re going to book and other rooms your elder might need are wheelchair-accessible rooms.

4. Shower Bars and Handles
Check comfort rooms and bathrooms. It is important that elders can hold onto handles and bars whenever they move around the comfort room. The floor might be slippery or they might get out of balance, so they need something firm to aid them.

5. Personal Meals
If your elder has specifically preferred or doctor-prescribed types of meals, let the hotel know. Ask them about the food they serve and tell them what your elder cannot and should not eat most likely due to medical reasons, to avoid appetite mishaps.

6. Hotel’s Medical Services
Make inquiries about medical services, facilities, and support they provide in case the need for any specific concern arises. You must inform the hotel of your exact medical necessity requests for your elders.

7. Get-at-able Amenities
The hotel must not be all about giving comfort and rest to the elders. They must also enjoy their stay there, and not feel like they’re confined to a hospital or a house. Hotel amenities such as outdoor and indoor swimming pools, fitness areas, the hotel’s public toilets, on-site restaurant and other featured resources should be conveniently accessible and available for everyone including your elderly loved ones.

8. Get You Later, Refrigerator
If you need your elder’s food or medicines kept cool, ask the hotel if they offer rooms with refrigerators. If not, advise them that you’ll be needing one so they can provide it. If they don’t give you your own, then ask them that you decide to place it in their refrigerator at least and that you’ll just get it whenever the time of need has come. Inform them of the time and the person to pick it up too so they won’t be guessing cluelessly who you are and what you need.

9. Hotel Near the Sights
You came to have fun and be one with the beautiful nature spots. It is very important to consider that the hotel you’re checking in is just near the sights, attractions, tourist spots, parks and other places of leisure and bonding! Two reasons: One, it wouldn’t be so stressful at all for the elders to travel long hours from the hotel to the destinations. And two, if your elder didn’t come with you, the hotel staff you left to look after your elder can easily contact you regarding any concerns, and you can get back immediately to the hotel without hassle.

10. Room with Amazing Overlooking View
One of the best room options you can get for your elders is a room where magnificent sights and amazing paint-like skies and nature. They may not be able to go out to the mall always, but they can see something better and feel something fresher just by looking out of the window or going to the balcony.

11. Needs Nearby
From time to time, you’ll be needing a lot of things which the hotel cannot issue. Consider a hotel near malls, grocery marts, and drugstores. Even if the hotel offers medical assistance, it may be limited, so also mark hospitals and other medical establishments near the area.

12. Trusted Helping Hand
Take into consideration the humanitarian assistance that the hotel can offer within its services. That
“human” will be helping you to take care of your elder if needed. You might not always be able to oversee your elder, so you need someone else’s trusted eyes to assist you.

These are among the top necessities you have to look at first before finally reserving a room in a hotel. Your elderly loved ones are not as “can-do” and “on-the-go” as you and the kids, so bear with them as they bear with you too. The hotel that you’ll be choosing will be their home for the time you’ll be spending as you travel, so make sure they’d be really comfortable and accommodated. Before concluding an accommodation booking transaction, make sure you inform yourself about the hotel you’re eyeing; at the same time, inform the hotel about you, the customer they’re eyeing too.

Keeping these things in mind won’t be beneficial for your elders alone, but especially for you, who, above all, want to have a stress-free and meaningful family vacation.

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