5 Beginners Tips When Doing Attending Wine Tour


Wine tours have been a popular activity for travelers and wine enthusiasts. That is why there are travel agencies that grab the opportunity to offer wine tours. There are a lot of people who are into wine tasting and so they put this hobby into the next level which is visiting popular wineries and acquiring wine tour packages.

Next to planning of getaway plans is booking wine tours have been on the list of travelers. Not just one time big time visiting wineries because there are people who opt to visit all the wineries on their geographic location. Lots of countries such as USA, Australia, Italy, and South Africa are offering wine tours that include wine tasting.

For beginners, there are helpful tips that can be used in wine tours. You can begin with wine day trip so that you will be familiarized how does it work or what are the things you need to do.



1. When you decided to travel during the summer, you should bring a cooler and well, a small ice pack.
There is a huge probability that you are going to buy some wine and you don’t want it to burn under the heat of the sun. In wine tasting tours, you are going to spend 5-8 hours. The wine would probably taste bitter or bland if you don’t put it on a cooler with ice.

2. Water is good.
You need to drink a lot of water. Always remember to double your water dosage because you will drink wine all day.

3. Make a research about wineries.
Most of the wineries are small, family-owned operated produce limited of cases. You should visit them. What’s exciting about these wineries? You won’t be able to find any of their wines in store or restaurants. They don’t have enough budget to launch a grand tasting room to invite potential wine enthusiasts to visit their winery. Most of the time, they only sell the wines in their winery and it’s a delicious creation. Visiting this kind of winery will give you a chance to get an intimate and educational experience from these small wineries. They would personally entertain you and talk to you about their family-owned business.

4. You can have lunch before visiting the winery or if not, just bring it when you travel.
It’s better if you ate something before the wine tours. The experience is really pretty amazing but keep in mind that you should not let yourself starve. You may pack some bread, cheese, crackers or anything you want. Don’t worry for the place because these wineries have a picnic area where you can eat your food while sipping your chosen wine with your friends. For example, the company would advise you to bring food or it’s even better when you already took your lunch. Wine tours usually start at 11am and it will end at 5pm.

5. Give your full attention when the wineries explain where the grapes came from.
Why? It is because it will help you to discern a good and decent bottle of wine when you go to stores. So, educate yourself.

These are just the basic tips you will ever need when you go to wine tours. Enjoy your wine!

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