5 Myths against Travelers That are Totally Off

5 Myths against Travelers That are Totally Off

Travelling is often thought of as a luxury that thousands of people from around the world would love to experience but only a handful can afford. Although there is some truth to that, the idea that traveling is expensive in general is nothing more than an obnoxious urban legend pushed by random people who have either zero travel experience or just want their 15 minutes of internet fame.

Because word tends to get around the internet faster than a heartbeat, most of the potential travel folk who find these petty half-truths online end up getting overall demotivated about ever going on a trip.

Well, we’re here to dispel that hare-brained rumors and this article is just the resource to do it.

5 Myths against Travelers That are Totally Off
5 Myths against Travelers That are Totally Off

Myth 1: Travel is Expensive

From the opener of this post, we talked about how traveling is misperceived in general to be expensive. Now while there may be some fraction of truth to that, it is not completely accurate.

As a matter of fact, it is even possible for a minimum-wage-rate employee to save up for a trip around the world. This possibility is testified in Michael’s case who managed to save up$14,000 in a span of six months while earning $9 an hour.

For those people, it may take them a little longer (like weeks, months or years) to save and make some sacrifices like working overtime at the office or giving home tuition lessons before they get to travel, but it is possible in the end.

These days, there are thousands of online resources, websites and apps that have a hand in helping you book an inexpensive trip. You can look into official travel sites that allow you to compare costs on air travel, hotel lodgings and meals etc.

There are also sites such as WikiHow, Nomadic Matt and Hostel World that are excellent sources to find great travel tips and hacks.

Myth 2: Travelling Is Dangerous

If you’re worried about being jumped by random strangers, mugged by thugs or being held at gunpoint, we can assure you that that is a common phenomenon. It means that those things can happen in any part of the world, even in your own hometown.

Going in blind without having a sense of awareness of your surroundings is when you should consider worrying about your safety. But as long as you know your way around the place with a map, a tour guide, emergency contacts, a guidebook or a GPS app, you can rest at ease.

Don’t let fear overwhelm you and prevent you from exploring the earth and meeting up with potential kind-hearted and friendly people.

Myth 3: The Locals Are Unfriendly

How do you know that when you’ve never even given them a chance, much less try to communicate with them beforehand?

Sure, there may be some communication and cultural gaps in between, but unfriendly is taking it a bit too far, especially before you’ve even had a chance to break the ice with them.

If you don’t mean any physical harm and learn to respect their land’s rules and cultural behavior, there is no way a person of any state wouldn’t welcome you with open arms.

What if you lost your way around with no battery in your smartphone and no means of navigation except the people around you? And would you still be unwilling to open up if one of the locals saved you from a life-threatening situation?

Who knows? Perhaps some of the locals could even become your new lifelong friends or even start a family there. Anything is possible if you look past your ridiculous biases.

Myth 4: Can’t Find Work While Travelling

This is one of the more ridiculous myths that get passed around, especially when freelancing has become a common thing in the world of the internet.

If you have a manageable work ethic with a flexible schedule and turnaround before the deadline, there is no way one can’t earn some extra green to extend their vacation budget.

It is also possible to provide temporary home tuition services to the locals whose mother tongue isn’t English for instance especially if you travel via work visa.

Myth 5: Couch Surfing Makes You Stay with Total Strangers

Couchsurfing is a hospitality platform where members can arrange for homestays with local residents who offer free lodging and hospitality.

Now while there have been a few controversial cases where some hosts of the platform have turned out to be delinquents, a vast majority of them, on the other hand, are not only friendly but down-to-earth family kind of folks.

It is logical to feel unease especially when one is lodging in a place with someone they have neither met nor known their entire life, but Couchsurfing offers users to research their hosts to see if they’re legit or not. Users can inspect a host’s review and comment section and choose whom they wish to stay with.

If not that, then there’s always the option to back out from it.

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