Stop Wandering, Start Traveling

Stop Wandering Start Traveling

A lot of people claim when talking with friends and acquaintances, who love to travel. Preferably, the number of such people is very high, but who will give up new experiences? However, in fact, the percentage of those who are ready for travel is much smaller. In practice, not every person is ready to go through certain obstacles to make a journey.

Solo Trips

Travelling alone accelerate your emotional and intellectual development. They will make you wiser, older and more friendly, and will give you a whole lot of experience. Solo trips are rapidly gaining popularity. The number of people who for the first time in their life tried to go somewhere without friends or relatives has more than doubled over the past few years. Not for nothing: even a short holiday alone helps to develop the useful skills that you can use later on in everyday life.

You Learn to Rely on Yourself

You will become more organized. There will be no one who will carry laundry to you for washing. You will have to do it yourself or accept that your clothes smell and look worse. You will learn how to manage finances. If you do not keep track of the money, then they will be over at you soon. Take care of yourself and your things only you are responsible for your safety.

You Start to Feel Bright Emotions

Perhaps, you will feel helpless many times. You can forget something and start thinking seriously about not throwing everything back home. But with all the negative emotions you will be greeted with real joy and excitement. Ultimately, you will understand that emotions are not the world around you, but you.

Traveling alone, you will learn how to experience the wonderful moments of your life while maintaining modesty. You will be able to feel emotions to the fullest extent and begin to understand what causes them.

You Learn how to Communicate with People

You will meet completely different people and on the move develop social and emotional skills. They can then be used somewhere else. Soon, you’ll learn how to keep a quiet and enjoyable conversation with bank representatives, even if this conversation is due to problems with access to your account. With much greater desire, the staff will come to the aid of a well-balanced person.

Arriving somewhere on the weekend, you can quickly get friends and even relationships. You will have someone to go to the festival or go to a restaurant in which you have long wanted to visit. Even if you are traveling alone, you do not always have to be alone. You will have the skills to communicate with people who speak other languages. Even if you are not going to learn a foreign language, you can always learn its basics. You will have to overcome the fear that in the eyes of another person you are stupid or weird. You will learn to approach people so that they are more inclined to talk to you.

You Lay Your Route

Being a single traveler, you will notice how your decisions turn into plans. You do not need to wait for anybody, hurry or postpone the trip simply because someone has changed his mind to go with you. Now, your destiny is in your hands.

You Realize how Small You Are Compared to the World

The world is huge. It’s not only about physical size, but also the importance of people and their desire to help you. One thing is to talk about it, quite another to test yourself. When you see how huge our planet is and how generous people are on it, you realize all its greatness.

You Become Confident

While traveling, you realize how much more steel was compared with the moment when you first put on a backpack and closed the door. You have been in dynamic, dangerous and even incredible situations and you’ve all managed it. You know that you can handle all that was so feared when you first planned an independent trip.

My Experience

See the Pyramid of Cheops and look into Tutankhamun’s eyes, walk through the narrow medieval streets and sit in Gothic cathedrals. Drink rum in the Himalayas, get lost in New Delhi, breathe near the ocean, read a book on the third pole of Indian trains. I dreamed about all this. And now I have it. I have my own stories about how to ride a camel in the wilderness for an unforgettable impression, why coffee is most fortunate in India and many more memories that do not replace anything. This was not always the case at first there was complete disbelief that I could do something. If she is honest, she comes from time to time. I, again and again, convinced myself that this was just a moment of weakness.

Very often, for wonderful stories about distant cities and roads, there are heat, hunger, fatigue, missed night, many sleepy nights, despair and fear. This is normal since traveling is a complex physical and spiritual test.

I read a lot of different travel posts, in which the authors talked about how easy and easy to travel. I was angry with them. I thought that they just wrote it while sitting somewhere in Bali. To travel is difficult, it is necessary to overcome oneself, to believe in one’s dream and to go against those who consider it meaningless. If you need a sign to quit, you should buy a plane or train ticket or finally make a passport. This is it. This is your sign. Good luck. Time to make your dreams come true is now.

Why do People Travel?

Probably the very first thing that goes down in our mind is to rest, change the situation, change the picture before the eyes. Every new trip, it’s new impressions, emotions, and the main memories. When a person travels, the values of life are formed, survival skills are developed. Probably everyone who has traveled at least once felt the desire to be independent.

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