Tips for Sending Gifts Overseas

Tips for Sending Gifts Overseas

Wanting to send gifts overseas? Here are some tips you should lay your eyes on before sending gifts to overseas

Richard Bach hit the nail on the head when he said; “Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness”.

When there’s exchange of gift, it’s the swapping of feelings between two souls. There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that people get pleased when they are gifted. Whether its birthday or a marriage anniversary, gifts work like a Trojan in making bond within the relationship.

Tips for Sending Gifts Overseas
Tips for Sending Gifts Overseas

A gift is a magic bullet that can heal under the weather relationship. It’s the stuff that can lend more weight to your relationships with your family and friends. People these days have got busy to a great extent and their tough schedules can spike their guns off straight away. Gifts and time are the only options we have got in this situation. A gift is something that can lead the way to smile on a face and you will definitely notice that if you are sending a venerating gift to your dear one. The time when the gifts come in for it, his love and adoration for the giver go on their zenith and that’s the thing which makes the relationship much more reliable.

Tips for sending gifts overseas

Sending gifts overseas is not much easy as it looks. So, before sending your gifts, don’t miss out on these tips to get your package transported in one piece!

Send gifts as early as possible

In case you are sending a gift for a particular event like Christmas, you need to send your package as early as possible. The earlier your Christmas gifts are sent on, timely these will be received on the other end. You need to be sure that your gifts don’t get lost or arrive after the 25th.

In the interim, if you are up for sending delicate gifts to your loved ones, the most important thing is making sure these are sent before time so that the Christmas rush doesn’t get its hand on to them. During the Christmas days, there’s an enormous number of mail rushing so it’s possible that these parcels may be handled with less care as compared to the normal days. Consequently, you might be having the chances of getting your gift there is not up to the par condition.

Pack according to the material of the gift

1. Cushioning around the package

In the main, it’s necessary to give adequate shielding around the gift in order to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged and also it can’t cause injury to the staff or others types of equipment of the company you are shipping with.

2. Use the right packaging for your item

Make sure you pack well. Sometimes, people choose inappropriate boxes for the gifts they need to send. For case in point, picking the bigger box for a small gift is ne’er-do-well as it’s going to dust your pocket up because of its larger area. Be sure to have the spot-on packaging for your gift, and this is going to help you save your precious time and money in the long run.

You will get packaging products to suit many and varied needs at your local Post Office. Check out different mailing boxes, bags and other packaging options according to your needs. Also, don’t put down inflexible items in a paper envelope, even if you think they’re small enough. They could easily be damaged by the machines or torn from the envelope and lost.

Go for a well-reputed cargo company

Now, this is a foremost thing when it comes to sending gifts overseas. Always go for a well-reputed company so that the handling and transport of your gifts remain at the top. Also, there’s a risk of fraud and misplacement of your items sometimes, so carefully choose authorized cargo company like Cargo to Pakistan in order to get cost-effective sending gifts services.

Cautiously mark your package as a gift in the shipping documentation

When you are putting your gifts into cargo cartons or crates, make certain that you are jotting down the contents of each carton and putting into practice the correct shipping marks for each shipping crate. The people gripping your package up have no idea of what is inside the crate, but if you carefully label the contents, unequivocally, you will find these are better handled.

You will be spending some time to properly pack and mark your package, but that way, you can make sure that all of your shipment arrives at its destination up out of danger and in one piece.

Always go for the right postage

Mail class has an impact on how swiftly your items get to their travel destination and how far you get to scrutinize your pocket for it to reach there on time. To that end, you have to set the seal on to ensure that you’re picking the right postage class bottomed on the package’s weight.

Keep a close eye on the shipping cost

Yes, it’s a big deal. Before sending gifts overseas, you need to check out the shipping cost and other details so that you don’t run out of pocket at any point.
That said, you should carefully consider whether you need to go for air shipping or sea shipping as there’re different costs of air and sea shipping services.

Purchase insurance if the gift is highly valuable

Purchasing insurance in case of highly valuable gifts is pretty significant as sometimes chances are there that precious gifts are stolen and misplaced. So, carefully check out if there is a need for purchasing insurance for your package or not.

Don’t send flammable stuff

Lithium-ion batteries, aerosols, gunpowder etc. are included in the list of dangerous goods. Shipping companies usually put forward a list of forbidden items including aerosols, weapons, and flammable materials, so check out on if your shipment is having any of these stuff before you send it.

Choose Leak-proof container shipping when sending perfumes, creams or liquids

Sometimes, in spite of having super on-guard packing, there are chances of breakage of the container during transportation. So, if you are up to send perfumes, some kind of liquid or cream overseas, consider leak-proofing container in order to get your items transported safely and without leakage.

Carefully mark the package with instructions for carriers

Proper labeling your package before sending overseas is pretty crucial or identifying which type of gift you are sending an intense care must be given to them. If you are shipping fragile items, your shipment will be crying out for extra stickers and labels to show that on the box. All the marks and labels should be clear and easy for anyone to see.

Once your parcel reaches its destination, you’ll want it to have a smashing strike on the giftee. Let your loved ones know how much you care for them by putting a hand-written card or note inside the package. Decide on some easy on the eye ribbons, wrapping paper and tissues to add fuel to fire to the excitement. That said, you are absolutely free to make the things according to your own liking. But here we are putting in good words for the standard plain box, inside which you will place your decorated box so that any damage to your precious gifts can be kept away from.

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