6 Tips for Adventure Travelling in India

Adventure Travelling in India

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing”, said Helen Keller once. India is a bountiful land which offers all varieties of weather and sights that one can ever want to explore. From the serene Kanyakumari to the scenic Kashmir and from the culturally rich Porbandar to the freezing heights to the Silchar glacier, the options never fall short.

Here, adventures also become a huge part of the entire travel plan. You can enjoy all kinds of water sports on the beaches of Goa, have a wild river rafting experience down the Ganges, enjoy various trails for trekking all over the country, jump off the mountains (Paragliding) of Bir Billing or take a thrilling desert safari in the deserts of Rajasthan. These are certain tips which will help you enhance your stay here and double your fun –

1. Always remember to pack light. Don’t carry unessential items. If required, carry an extra change of clothes while going out for a sport or any other activity. Extra things will only create unnecessary extra baggage. This will help you especially while trekking or even when you go exploring on foot. Regarding clothes, not to worry at all because this would give you a chance to shop in India.



2. It is essential to capture each and every moment of the trip. Carry a camera, based on your preferences. They say that a picture can speak a thousand words, which is absolutely true in this case. You can also carry a journal to document each memory. When you feel tired of your daily routine,flip through those (amazing smelling) old pages and seek out motivation to go for an adventure once again.

3. Eating in moderation and eating healthy is another important point to remember. We don’t want you to get sick and cancel your activity. Indian food tends to be a little zesty, so if it doesn’t suit you, please avoid it. You can try out all other varieties though, like sweets, different snacks and local food items. If you are visiting some small town or village, only have bottled mineral water.

4. Be open and flexible to have the most fun. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You might never get the chance to do them again. Being easily scared is human nature but the sense of achievement you feel after overcoming your fear is the real thing. Turn your travel companions like your family members or friends into your in-house motivators. Be brave, be reckless (in moderation), embrace the adventure!

5. Stay in a peaceful place. If possible for you and your schedule, try crashing at a luxurious hotel or resort because, trust me, no one does luxury like India. After a nice adventure, those soft pillows and comforting quilts will work its charm in reducing all your tiredness. Have a drink by the pool, hang out in a pool room, have delicious meals, after all, you deserve it!

6. Last but not the least; know your strengths and assets. Not everyone is cut out to do the same things but then again, you may have some hidden talent that no one else has. Testing your abilities and pushing yourself to achieve the best will do the trick. As we all have heard, every coin has two sides. In the same way, we also have limitations. Before selecting any adventure sport, hit the gym or work out, whatever suits you and become more flexible. Try getting a workout done for at least one week every day.

So, I guess we have gone through almost all basic tips here. If you are a first timer, don’t worry, we pretty much got you covered with all rules. With regards to India, it is one of the most welcoming and diverse countries of all time. The people assisting you with your adventure trips and sports will have specialized training. Just make sure to be comfortable and make the most of your time here!


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