Best places to visit in Uttarakhand

Dhari devi temple

Maa dharii

This temple is located in Kalyasaur along the Srinagar- Badrinath highway at the bank of river Alakananda. It is about 15km from Srinagar and 20km from Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand. It is one of the best tourist place in Uttarakhand.

Dhari devi is believed to be the guardian of char dham pilgrims. The history of the temple is that the idol was trapped against the rock near the village of Dharo during a flood and found only when villagers heard it’s wailing and get directed to set up the idol there only. That’s how the temple came onto existence.

In Kalyasaur, upper part of an idol of the goddess dhari houses and prayed in “kaali” roop. According to the local lore goddess changes her appearance from a girl to a woman and then to an old lady as the day progresses. The shrine is one of 108 dhari sthal in India.

Kamleshwar mahadev

Kamleshwar mahadev

Kamleshwar mahadev is most popular temple of Lord shiva in the town. It is about 150m from the national highway toward the river Alakananda near SGRR public school. It is the location where Lord Vishnu worshiped Lord Shiva and blessed with Sudharshan chakra. It is believed that if a childless couple stands whole night with a earthen lamp in hand on kartik chaturdashi on temple campus then they will be blessed with a child.

Agastyamuni Mandir


Agastya Mandir is located in Rudraprayag district around 20km from Rudraprayag and 15km from Tilwara, Uttarakhand. It is situated along the bank of river Mandakani. The place is so named after the ascetic agastya, who is believed to have meditated here for one full year. The shrine is dedicated to saga agastya.

In Baishakh month, a sobha Yatra passes through 217 villages and large fair take place. The main offering in the shrine are seasome oil, first crop of the season and seeds of bhang or cannabis.

It is also considered the perfect spot to relax and participate in some quality fishing on the bank of river Mandakani.

Kalimath temple

Kalimath temple

Kalimath temple is situated 3km away from Guptkashi, Rudraprayag district of uttarakhand on the bank of river Saraswati. This temple is surrounded by peaks of Kedarnath. This place is the best place to visit in uttarakhand .This is one of the dhari Peeth after Dhari devi. It is believed that the lower part of the goddess Kali is worshiped in kalimath temple.

The legend of the temple has it that Kali killed the devil Raktavija and had gone underneath the ground at this place. Kalimath is the only place where goddess Kali is worshipped along with her siblings Laxmi and Saraswati. On one day each season the goddess is taken out and pooja is conducted at night time by priest.


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