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I have always found myself being calm near the sea. That peace the sea brings is something I cannot explain. I have always thought that sea has a weird way of reminding and forgetting things. On the one hand you can enjoy the deepness of the sea spiritually, and on the other hand, you can enjoy the deepness of the sea by going down the deepest places. Since I was a little boy, my father and I use to go fishing, swimming, and sailing. Since these were the only sports, you can enjoy back then, but now we have so much variety of things to enjoy when it comes to sea. As now I take my family with me out in the ocean, my love for the sea is only increasing.

While there are so many people who go `happy crazy` when you talk about sea, there are also people who cannot stand the thought of standing in the middle of blue waves. I understand the fear of water, where it could be beautiful; it could also be dangerous when angry. But that is one of the reasons I love the majestic sea. One of my kids is also afraid of the water, but I am working on getting him out of that phase where water seems to be the evil monster and nothing else.

So, the list below is for everyone who loves the sea and also for the people who don’t with the hope that they would change their mind. Here is everything I love about the sea.


There are always two ways to enjoy the sea, on the shore and off the shore. Let’s first get done with the things you can do onshore.

GAMES: I remember the time when we friends use to go to the beach and play valley ball all day long and end up for drinks nearby. In this fast moving time, where everyone is just busy with their lives we get very little time to be with those long lost friends with whom we vowed to be together until forever. Things like this give us the opportunity to keep up the ties with our childhood buddies.

WORKOUTS: Studies has shown that taking your workouts to water makes you burn the fat quickly as the sea makes you less fatigued and you don’t give up the hard work easily.

PICNIC: My parents use to plan out picnics for us on the beach annually. As a kid, I use to think that it is lame. As an adult, I know they were clever enough to let us make some memories. Memories I can never forget.

SUNBATH: Who does not like a good tan? Not Ross Geller tan from the all-time favourite series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. but a good tan. A day sunbathing and just relaxing on the beach, with a book you were waiting to finish since forever is a day worth spending.

FISHING: There are several spots where you would find a bunch of anglers with their fishing rods waiting for their prey to catch the bait. Fishing is the oldest hobby and a water sport I can think of right now. It helps you relax, gains self-reliance and body strength, boosts the immune system and teach how to be patient. So much to learn with just one activity you see.



Being on the beach is one thing but in the middle of the sea with water everywhere around you is something entirely different that everyone must experience.

KAYAKING: Kayaking is something I have been doing for quite some time now. My family and I annually plan a kayaking trip. If you can, try it once a year. The sea has a way of creating the bond of a lifetime among people. Also, it burns your calories so fast while tuning your lower body muscles too. And a camping trip along with the kayaking trip can be a cherry on the top. But there are different tricks when you choose a kayak. Choose wisely!

SAILING: Doesn’t it feel right to be in the midst of the ocean and the wind blowing your hair? You can hear and see nothing but peace. Sailing has always made me think how tiny I and my problems are. And as a person who loves everything about the sea, I believe at least sailing should be known to everyone.

WATER SPORTS/WORKOUT: As mentioned before, working out in the water helps you burn calories faster. Because of the effect of water on you emotionally and because of the physical effort, you have to give in the water. The movement in water takes more effort than on land. In this period, we are more of a couch potato and hate working out and sports. For those who love water and the sports that are related to it can take most out of their love from the ocean but with care.

Following is the list of water sports you must try:

1. Paddle Boarding
2. Scuba Diving
3. Kayaking
4. Kite Surfing
5. Swimming
6. Snorkeling
7. Diving
8. Underwater Rugby
9. Canoe Polo/ Water Polo
10. Water skiing
11. Windsurfing
12. Parasailing


People who have been fishing offshore know how relaxing and satisfying this could be. Whether you are on a ship with a bunch of friends or on a top of a kayak, trying to compete who gets what and when. There is so much you could gain. And here I am not just talking about the delicious meal you are going to have afterwards.

Just a suggestion, try to do more things which are mentioned above along with your kids so that they would learn to relax. Because the time coming up sure seem to be more stressing than ever.

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