A Fashionista’s Travel Packing List for Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is an awesome travel destination! For starters, there isn’t much uncertainty regarding the weather. There are two seasons, a dry and a rainy one, and you should pack accordingly. This is a small country, which is something you can use to your advantage, by exploring it entirely. However, there are various parts, beaches, mountains and rain forests you should not miss out on. If you’d like to experience all of them in one trip, you have to be well-prepared for everything you plan on doing. Here is a guide to packing for Costa Rica!


You know what they say about people packing a lot of unnecessary clothes for their trip and how it is often too much? Well, this is actually desirable when traveling to Costa Rica, since the humidity doesn’t allow your clothes to dry. Keeping this in mind, try to bring as much clothes as you need for all the days of your visit, and try to avoid having to do your laundry. Apart from underwear and all similar necessities, bringing a swimsuit or two is mandatory, as well as a raincoat. Even if you are not visiting during the rainy season, there is still possibility of rain. Stack up on comfortable pants and shorts and many T-shirts, as you are going to be hiking a lot. Hiking shoes are also a must on this trip! You can also bring a fancy dress for your pleasure and a beach dress, so you can go to a beach bar and still look put together.



In this part of packing, you shouldn’t focus on make-up. Sure, you can bring some essentials, but don’t overdo it, you’ll be spending most of your time on the road, hiking or at the beach. Bring skin products, like creams and lip balms. You’ll definitely need them, considering that a change in climate affects our skin the most. Also, bring sunscreen, an after sun spray and a bug spray from home, don’t wait to buy them in Costa Rica, because you’ll probably need them as soon as you arrive.



This is a very important category. Firstly, bring all the meds that you need if you are taking prescriptions or have a condition that requires taking medication on a regular basis. After that, think about the meds you could possibly need during your trips. Some painkillers, antibiotics, an anti-allergenic gel and creams against burns and insect bites are advisable. Baby powder can also come in handy, especially for treating potential thigh rashes after a long hike.



We have become so obsessed with technology that it’s unlikely we will ever forget to pack our little gadgets. However, don’t forget your chargers. Make a list and make sure you have the same number of devices and chargers on it. Your mobile phone and your camera should certainly be there. If you really need to, bring your laptop, but I am personally not a fan of taking laptops on trips. Bring a tablet or an e-reader instead. This is a good space saver, since you can put many books onto one device and it can keep you entertained while traveling.



You will need a few more things depending on where you are going to stay. Staying at a hotel is a popular option, however, if you prefer comfort, perhaps renting houses are a better choice for you. In this case, bring a few towels and a hair dryer, and you’ll be fine.

Finally, don’t forget to bring the most important things: money, your passport and a lot of enthusiasm! Try to bring all the basics you need, and you can buy everything else when you arrive. Now that you are all set, start packing and get ready for the travel experience of your dreams. Follow Costa Rica’s motto – Pura Vida!

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