Lumbini – The Birth Place of Buddha

Maya Devi Temple

Buddhist sites are seen in a majority of the regions around the world and places like India, Nepal and various in Asian countries one can locate several pilgrimage destinations. The peaceful places and the calmness of the Buddhist sites make people earn an exceptional experience. The serenity of the region along with the outstanding beauty of the attractions along with the Buddhist sites make every traveler gains a wonderful experience. The oldest city Lumbini enchants travelers and the monasteries and other sites are worthy to explore during the holiday to Lumbini located in Nepal.

Lumbini is one of the special places in Buddhism and is one among the four pilgrimage center as this is the region where Lord Buddha was born. This is one of the sacred places for Buddhism and there are amazing stupas, landscapes and many more that wonders that are to be visited in Lumbini. The green forests and the beautiful shrines are perfect to see during the holiday in Nepal and Lumbini is one spiritual destination that is much more interesting to explore. The archaeological site Kapilavastu nearby the region is one spectacular place to explore along with Lumbini in Nepal and one can see temples, stupas, and monasteries around the region.

The Maya Devi Temple

Maya Devi Temple

The Maya Devi Temple is one of the wonderful places to explore and people can witness the sandstone sculptures which reveal the life of Lord Buddha. A visit to Lumbini is not just a spiritual enlightenment, but is a simple way to take a breakfrom the rush of the life. Along with the sculptures one can see the Puskarni, brick temple as well as the Ashoka Stupa are wonderful places to explore in Lumbini.

Myanmar Golden Temple

Myanmar Golden Temple Lumbini

An ancient structure which hosts three prayer halls is the Myanmar Golden Temple. This place is one attractive site of Lumbini and visitors get amazed seeing the artwork along with the construction style.

Lumbini Museum

Lumbini Museum

The Museum devoted to Lord Buddha where tourists can see the artifacts along with the photographs of the Buddhist sites. This is one must visit destination in Lumbini and people can witness various goods at a place which revealthe culture and values of Buddhism along with the sacredness of lord Buddha.

The Ashokan Pillar

Emperor Ashoka marked his uniqueness in the form of the pillarsall around India and in Nepal along with a few more places. He left inscriptions all over in the form of the pillar and king Ashoka developed this region a lot as this is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. This is a one must thing to visit in Lumbini and a sign of Buddhism which grabs the attention of the travelers.

Travelers need to enjoy seeing the archaeological sites along with the ancient ruins in Lumbini and Kapilavastu which take people back to the ancient days. So plan a fabulous holiday to the spiritual destination Lumbini and enjoy exploring the sightseeing wonders including the Japanese Temple, Chinese Temple, Maya Garden, World Peace Pagoda and a few more catchy sites.

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