Make Your Road Trip A Memorable One: Ideas In A Bucket

Road Trip

Road Trip

Road trips are essentially the best kind of adventures and certainly most memorable ones too. I’m going to tell you a few ways in which you can make your trip even more memorable.

Grab A Polaroid
I seriously cannot stress how amazing it is to actually have your own Polaroid camera from the trip. You can keep them in albums; make scrapbooks out of them later, DIY wall decorations and memories and whatnot. The options are simply endless. And the best part is, taking Polaroids is simply fun.

Endless Rest Stops
Do not hesitate in taking the rest stops, as much as you possibly can. This is partly why it is suggested to keep the road trips flexible and how trips mustn’t be planned in a hard & fast manner. The advantage of taking more rest stops is that you’ll get to explore more places and learn a lot about customs of different countries. You will find souvenirs at road side shops which you couldn’t find anywhere else. It’s all about finding the right places to visit .

Discover It Yourself
It’s good to get guidebooks and read up on the internet about famous places in an area, however nothing beats discovering it all by your own self. Head out and find the best bar, try new things, find the best beach snacks from those cheap coast vendors. Memories of good food are the best kind of memories

Stay Careful
What we want our trips to be is, memorable in a good way. We certainly don’t want any bad memories associated to the trip so consider taking care of your belongings so to keep them from thievery. Stay organised and aware of your surroundings, take safer routes to avoid highway robberies and always adhere to the laws. Better yet, get yourself a car alarm.

Take Your Time
There’s no hurry. You can just slow it down and really savour the moment. Don’t be hasty in planning, and don’t be hasty during the trip. If you take a rest stop, stay there a while. Unless you’re fully aware and present in a moment, you will not be able to make it an authentically memorable moment.

Pack Less
You do not have to pack a plethora of t-shirts and tops for your trip. Find cheap shops as your hit the road, you might as well find something different to wear and it will make the trip all the more fun. Plus, when you get back you would have made a memory for the trip.

Get a Food Diary
Exactly, Grab a food diary and jot down… all you want to eat, We’re not planning a meal here, just make a list of all the restaurants you anticipate to visit while you’re on the road and in the cities you visit. Then you can keep checking them off the list. I swear, this is the most fun idea I have practiced on road trip.

These are just some of the ideas which will hopefully make your trip memorable and more fun. Happy travelling.

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