Never Forget to visit these trekking places when you are in uttarakhand

Tapkeshwar mahadev temple

tapkeshwar mahadev12

Tapkeshwar mahadev temple is one of the most famous and ancient temple of Lord Shiva on the bank of seasonal Asan river near Dehradun in a damp cave. It is about 6.5 km from Dehradun city by the forest side in Garhi cantonment area. In this temple water drop from the ceiling of the cave over the Shivalinga continuously and vanishes underground and reappear in the form of stream after some distance. The tapkeshwar mahadev temple is also known as “Guchhu paani” which is a picnic spot as it is surrounded by hills.

tapkeshwar mahadev

The temple derive it’s name “Tapkeshwar” from the natural dripping of water from the cave celling over the Shivalinga. The legend behind this is that the “Guru Dronacharya” guru of pandavas and kauravs used to live here with his wife Kalyani. When his wife gave birth to her child Aswosthama then she was not able to feed him properly as guru Dronacharya was unable to afford milk or cow. Then the Aswosthama prayed Lord Shiva. Being happy with his prayer Lord Shiva feed him milk through the dripping from the Shivalinga.

On Mahashivratri large festival is held where large number of people participate and pay their respect to the deity every year. Where “Bhaang k Pakode” and “Bhaang juice” is distributed among devotees as delicacies (prasad).
This place is the best for devotional tour as well as for picnic. The spring around the temple make it an excellent spot of bathing for pilgrims as well as for tourist. Hills and natural waterfall locate bloom on the photoshoot. Large number of people came here from far away places to take blessing and to spend their vacations.

Daat Kaali Temple

maa daatkali mandir

“Maa Daat Kaali Temple is one of the famous temple near Dehradun on Sharanpur road. It is about 14 km from Dehradun city, 49 km from Mussoorie and 49km from Saharanpur. This temple is dedicated to goddess Kaali therefore thousands of devotees come here to take blessings of devine goddess all around the year. It is a religious belief that when somebody buys a vehicle often come to the temple to do pooja for their vehicle. Oil, flour, rwa and ghee is offered by the devotees to the goddess Kaali.

Daat Kaali Temple was founded on 13 June 1804. It is believed that when construction work of Dehradun- Saharanpur highway was going on Maa Kaali came in into the dream of an engineer and gave him an idol of goddess Kaali in order to build a temple. Devotees can see a devine flame that has been continuously burning since 1921. Daat Kaali temple is named so because the temple is located in the valley of dense forest. Temple complex is around 2500sq.mtrs approximately and darshan is open round the clock throughout the year. Maa Daat Kaali attract millions of devotees as trekking can be started from base camp of Dehradun which is 14km from temple.

Kunjapuri temple


kunjapuri temple

Kunjapuri temple is dedicated to the goddess Sati. It is located at a height of 1660 mtr on a hill and is at a distance of 27 km from Rishikesh, 8km from Narendra nagar and 93 km from devprayag in Tehri district of Uttarakhand. This temple is one of the 3 shakti peeth in tehri district along with two other shakti peeth Surkanda Devi and Chandrabadni. Kunjapuri temple is founded by Jagadguru Shankaracharya.

Kunjapuri temple is situated in that place where the chest of burned Sati( before she took birth as Parvati) had fallen while Lord Shiva was carrying her dead body in this arm. This place offer panoramic view of snow capped mountain and peaks from where peaks like Gangotri, Swarga rohini, Chaukhamba and Banderpunch can be seen. It also give a nice view of sunrise and sunset where one can shoot photographs and enjoy the beautiful surrounding. Devotees came here from far away places especially during Navratri and Dussehra for devine goddess blessings. Kunjapuri temple is the best and most beautiful place for trekking. One who want to trek can start their adventurous trekking from Hindola khal village through the dense forest route which is 3km from the temple. The natural beauty of the area offer a relaxation to the mind and body in today’s busy world. Visitor or devotees who make trip to this temple are mesmerized by the scenery of the place.

These Places are the best places for tour and travel during summer vacation.

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