10 places worth to visit in Pakistan

Travel places to visit in Pakistan

I came into being on the 14th of August 1947. From that time till now, I face many political and financial up’s and down’s which another long story is and will tell you maybe some other day. Today I am going to tell you about some hidden beauties of mine. How mesmerizing and stunning I am is still a secret to the world. When people around the world listen to my name, they turn their faces around. They don’t like me, they even don’t want to see real me.
Fake news, negative propaganda and dirty politics didn’t make my beauty dim but destructive thoughts of people about me hurt a lot.

Travel places to visit in Pakistan
Travel places to visit in Pakistan

How can you judge me or make an opinion without knowing anything about me? Want to know who I am and what is really me? I am unveiling the beauty of myself to assure you how beautiful I am.

Hi, my name is Pakistan and I am not a terrorist state. Here are 10 of many places worth seeing when you are traveling to Pakistan. These destinations are suggested by who works for a company that specializes in sending cargo to Pakistan from UK. In his line of work, he has had a chance to visit many places in Pakistan.

Kalash Valley

Valley Kalash is located in district Chitral of Pakistan and one of the best place for foreigner and local visitors. Tribes living here follow their own religion and culture. This old Greek civilization has a great history. People living here construct their houses with rocks and wooden logs. People of Kalash valley are very generous and known for their hospitality all over the country.

Some of the famous festivals celebrated in Kalash Valley are Phoo, Chomos and Uchal. At the time of these festivals, the tourist came here from all over the world. People of Kalash lives in small villages and are very beautiful and kind. When it comes to the sites and views this place is really second to none. Their traditional dresses and customs are really amazing.

Ghanche and Khaplu Valley, Gilgit Baltistan

Whenever you are tired from routine work and hectic daily life, come to Ghanche and Khaplu valley and you will surely forget every stress and problems of yours by amazing and mesmerizing views of these valleys. Fresh air with the sweet fragrance of blooming seasonal flowers.

Ghanche is the district of Gilgit-Baltistan and Khaplu is like the center point of Ghanche valley. Islam was introduced here 700 years before by Mir Sayed Ali Hamdani and there is a beautiful mosque Chaqchan made by him as well which is undoubtedly a historical place.

What else breathtaking here in Khaplu and Ghanche is Raja Palace a masterpiece of Tibetan architecture. Khanqah of Khaplu ascribe the spiritual stories of saint Mir Mukhtar Akhyar which was built in 1712 AD.
People of Khaplu and Ghanche are warm and kind. River Shyok is the only river of this area either than waterfalls. People of this valley settled at the bank of this river from where you can easily see the Peak of Mashabrum Mountain.


Khyber Pakhtoon Khua aka KPK, a land of traditions, customs and hospitality. Where KPK is known all over the world for the delicious food and hospitality of pakhtoons, there Chitral makes KPK more prominent by its hypnotic beauty.
Chitral is one of the most famous picnic points of KPK which have beautiful villages full of superb views and sceneries, rivers and lakes as well.

This place is surely like a heaven for all those who love nature and landscapes. Chitral is one of those areas of Pakistan where you are allowed to climb mountains for trekking purpose.

Not only for beauty but Chitral is also known for its traditional foods as well.

Lake Saif ul Mulook

SaifulMulook, a lake of ancient stories of fairies. It is located in the southern part of Pakistan, few kilometers far from Naran and Kaghan. It is not possible that one who is visiting Naran and Kaghan cannot visit Lake Saif ul Mulook.

In the north-east part of Mansehra division of KPK, this 5th greatest traveler place of Pakistan is situated with all of its beauty and magical views. Lake Saif ul Mulook is surrounded by mountains from three sides which makes its shape like a bowl.

Its crystal clear blue water can quench the thirst of your nature-loving eyes. Summer is the season in which you can enjoy here even more. You have to use jeeps for being there in summer but in winter routes are not as clear because of heavy snowfall as it is in the summer season.

A Sufi saint Mian Muhammad Bakhsh write a detailed story of Egyptian prince and princess of fairy in a spiritual poetic way which is known as the story of Lake Saif ul Mulook.

Shandur Top

Green Valley of Shandur is known all over the world for the highest polo ground which is 3738 meters above from sea level. Not only for this polo ground but also for stunning and marvelous views and landscapes Shandur top is one of the most inspiring places for tourists.

Shandur top is located in KPK’s Chitral region. In winter, mountains of this place wear the shawl of snow and welcome the tourists with white snow carpet while in summer you can see the real beauty of nature here.

It is July when the tourist from all over the world wants to be there at any cost to enjoy the beautiful scenes of the valley and enjoy the polo festival as well. People of Shandur top are very kind and hospitable.

In summer you need a jeep for traveling toward Shandur top while in winter it is quite difficult to reach there even with jeep because of tricky and snowy tracks. In clear weather, it probably takes 4-5 hours to reach polo ground from the main town of Chitral.

Though 168km is not a big distance but pebbly and complicated roadways makes it challenging even for the jeep.

Shangrila Resort, Skardu

Shangrila resort is located in Skardu, central valley of Gilgit and Baltistan. In order to take the essence of beauty, you should visit this heaven on earth. Shangrila is the most famous place of Skardu in the northern area of Pakistan, Gilgit and Baltistan.

In Shangrila, there are so many beautiful sights with which you can energize your mind and soul. Shangrila resort is one of the famous spots of this area and about 20 kilometers far from central Skardu. Cool breeze, splendid sights and stress-free atmosphere make you forget all problems and strain of your life.

After 7 hours driving from Karakoram Highway, streams and Indus River, you will be there in this beautiful valley.

Naltar Valley

Naltar, the prettiest place in the most miraculous and striking areas of Pakistan. Naltar is known for its colorful lakes. It is situated almost 100 kilometers away from Gilgit. This place makes you feel factually heaven on planet earth with its elegant atmosphere and sights.

It is recommended to visit this place at least once a year. Paths covered with pine trees and fresh pollution free air assuredly makes you fall in love with this place.

Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

Neelum means sapphire in the local language. This valley is such a blue precious gem in the crown of the beauty of all tremendous places in Pakistan. Neelum valley is located in north side of Muzaffarabad, capital of Azad Kashmir opposite of Keran sector, forced occupied by the stubborn Indian government.

The stunning beauty of valley Neelum is stretched out on 240 kilometers. Here in Neelum valley, you can enjoy views of streams, rivers, waterfalls and greenery as well. Views and sounds of crystal clear water of rivers and streams splashing on rocks can have your heart for sure.


This tourist place is also one of the best art of Mother Nature. Small pounds of clean and fresh water everywhere along with the sweet fragrance of seasonal flowers and blossoms simply takes you to another world.
Siri Paye attracts all those towards its self who have the soul. This mesmerizing place spreading beauty all over the Hindu Kush range. Green meadows fresh air, superb weather with beautiful views are really second to none.

>Ranikot Fort

It is not about just nature’s best work but here in Pakistan you can also see some best piece of man crafts as well and Ranikot Fort is one of them. Ranikot Fort is the largest Fort of the world with the diameter of 32 kilometers.
From Karachi, you can easily approach Ranikot Fort via National Highway. You can enjoy a stress-free and flawless journey via the Indus Highway from Dadu. This best creation of man is almost 2000 years old and you can see the superlative architecture of ancient times.

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