Things to do in Hong Kong Macau

Things to do in Hong Kong Macau
Things to do in Hong Kong Macau
Things to do in Hong Kong Macau

Confused that what all things you can do at Hong Kong Macau? Feeling like Hong Kong & Macau are boring places? Then don’t worry let me clear your doubt these are not boring places infact these are the most entertaining and amazing places which you can visit these holidays as these places are filled with full of interesting things and exotic sightseeing is completely breathtaking. Let me tell you what all amazing things you can do in Hong Kong and Macau and for more convenience, you can choose any of the Hong Kong Macau Packages. Now, let’s watch out things to do in Hong Kong & Macau

Hong Kong

1. Disneyland

This place is almost like a dreamland or dream place for almost all the people either teenagers, kids, adults everyone has once dreamt of being here in Disneyland so live your dream and visit this adorable Disneyland in Hong Kong. This magical place will make you remember your childhood and you will get a chance to revisit your childhood. Take the Disneyland tour and enjoy as much as you can.

2. Ocean Park

If you want to have fun with water sports then you will be the most welcomed person at this Ocean Park of Hong Kong as it is the most crucial tourist place which is loved by people at their Hong Kong tour but mainly this place is loved by kids because the parks there enrich children by providing interactive displays and educational exhibitions and for more fun there are different shows and rides for entertainment of all.

3. Victoria’s Peak

Victoria’s Peak is the highest point in Hong Kong so from there you will be able to see attractive and lovely places like you will see lots of skyscrapers glistening in the sunlight. Ya, don’t miss out the wax museum known by the name Madame Tussauds, peak tower, and many more amazing views from there. You can also do one thing board from the Peak Tram so that you can see wonderful views on your way. 4. Kowloon City

You can’t miss the Kowloon city while your visit to Hong Kong because it is an integral part of Hong Kong’s cultural History. Here at this place you can take part in the food scene and if you are a foodie this will be an amazing place for you as here you will be able to complete your wishes of having different type of food and there you will also find some famous local restaurants who will serve you the best Hong Kong food this all happens at Kowloon walled city park.


1. The Venetian

If you are a shopaholic, which means if you love to do shopping then this place is made for you as here you can shop as much as you want. The Venetian is filled with complete luxurious services, lavish facilities, awesome decorations, and lots of activities. Here you will find Vegas style and Venice themed hotels in which you will love staying. As this is a tourist place so it is filled with shopping malls, game zone, food courts, lounge, and many such things like that. You can also enjoy the lavish poolside experience at resorts along with Gonalda ride.

2. Senado Square This place is always filled with tourists and even some locals also you will find here because this is one of the most famous places in Macau. Many people do celebrations at this Senado Square venue. It will be great if you visit this place on some special occasions like Chinese new year because on this eve the people there do lion dragon dance and you will also enjoy awesome fireworks there.

3. Guia Fortress

Guia Fortress is the oldest fort in Macau which is located in the heart of the city. The fort has an amazing white structure which represents Chinese and western designs. If you are fond of hiking then you must visit this place as the stairs as this place will give you a complete feel of hiking. After that take a visit at Chapel lady of Guia and there is its lighthouse too so take a visit to this place.

4. Ruins of St. Paul’s

It is located near Macau Museum and is one of the well-known places in Macau. Ruins of St. Paul is a church which was destroyed by fire and then rebuilt with the use of granite in 30 yrs. You can also have a visit to a landscaped garden, Portuguese ships, Jesus and Madonna statue, and beautiful walls which has patterns and designs of devils and angels.

So, I think that you might have got enough ideas about what all things you can do in Hong Kong and Macau tour. You can take Macau Hong Kong packages for the best facilities and for proper guidance. So at this holiday don’t think too much and get ready to rock with your colleagues, family, or friends. Watch out and fulfill all your adventurous dreams and now pack your bags and get ready for fun. Enjoy your Adventurous Holiday!!!

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