Top 10 best places to go for your honeymoon in the world


Looking to relight the fires by a romantic getaway? The honeymoon is an occasion to rejoice that union among two people who are intensely in love and are starting their new life ahead. It’s an occasion to sneak out from the madness of the planet and rest in the company of the one with whom they would be sharing their life with each other. Honeymoons are destined to be exclusive, stunning, soothing, and idealistic. They are destined to be once in life experiences whose reminiscences will last eternally.

1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia- is the poster baby for a tropical ecstasy which is situated in the South Pacific., it is one of the top most islands of the world. It’s a one-shot destination for newly-weds.

Bora Bora Beack

2. Bali, Indonesia- similar to Bora Bora, it is also a tropical ecstasy. It is also known as Isle of the Gods. For meditation leave & yoga this island will be the best suited. The island is also known for its iconic rice paddies, coral reefs, forested volcanic mountains & beaches.

Bali Beach

3. Venice, Italy- It’s a very popular & classic destination for new weds. In this city you will just find boats & canals, no roads or cars can be found here as the Adriatic Sea it is built on 100 small islands in the peaty lagoon.


4. Cape Town, South Africa- It’s a quite close from Canada, however, it is definitely worth the attempt. Most of the visitors talk wildly regarding the liveliness of the city; it is close to beaches and the rough attractiveness of Table Mountain that goes beyond the Cape Town. To their unforgettable experience, one can also add deep sea explorations or a safari in their trip.

Cape Town

5. Aruba- is blessed by almost perennial sunshine, fabulous beaches, and grand diving. In case you desire to do something indoor then you can go to the casino.


6. Maldives- is the dreamiest archipelago in the world. Most of the resorts are intended to provide you the maximum privacy. In case you wish to get pampered then this is the most suited place however it is not economical. In spite of everything, in our entire life we go to honeymoon just once, right?


7. Kauai, Hawaii- one more comparatively reasonable honeymoon destination is Kauai- a Hawaiian island. If you are looking for privacy then you should visit here as it is the least developed island. Apart from several scenic hiking places it has gorgeous relaxing beaches.


8. St. Moritz, Switzerland- is famous for its cold duck weather. It is one of the most romantic destinations all across the globe. Spend the daytime lying on the slopes, enclosed via high mountains and then cuddle up facing a fire back at the inn. Isn’t that romantic?


9. Paris, France- City of Light has everything whether it is the wine, the food, the borders. Honeymoon couples can like an unforgettable night out in Paris by going to Seine River cruise & the Eiffel Tower.


10. Banff, Alberta- is one more great destination for new weds. One may leisurely walk into the city, do window shopping prior to the dinner & in addition, it also has world-class skiing.


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