Top Destination for Adventure Tours in India

In the past years, India has arrived as one of the most popular adventure tourist places in the world. For adventurous travel destinations, most of the people look towards mountains in the North and to the beaches of Goa in the South. Adventure flights are quite fun in in terms of experimental holidays and then it doesn’t matter that you are traveling with your partner or a group of friends.

If anxious rush and an impression of satisfaction is a must require thing at the end of a trip, so then you can plan your next trip to make an adventure is to plan an outing with friends. India is a country with elevated peaks, magnificent mountains, delightful rivers and provoking terrains. The country has broad options that offers the stress free adventure addicts whether it is on the north, south, east or west.

Leh and Ladakh



Ladakh is a land of routes from high ranges. It is a region situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and it has an extension from the Kunlun Mountain Range. Leh is the capital of kingdom of Himalayan range in Ladakh. This place is now become a dream destination for the enthusiasts of adventure from Mecca. It is known as one of the coldest desert in the world situated near Srinagar and Manali. It is also known for its adventure tours.



There are various adventure spots in Manali which includes Trekking, Skiing, River Rafting and Zorbing. The most important one is to experience adventure in Caravans of Himalayan and to visit Friendship Peak. It is known as a Hill station between the mountains in the state of Himachal Pradesh of India near the northern part of Kullu valley. Near Beas river valley, it is situated at an altitude of 2,050 m. It is a famous tourist destination serving as the gateway to districts of Lahaul and Spitti. Manali was named after the Sanatan Hindu lawgiver Manu.


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Rishikesh is a city in the district of Dehradun of the state of Uttarakhand. It is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas in north India. It is also known as the Yoga Capital of India. It is also known as the pilgrimage town and regarding as the holy places of Hindus. It is also an entrance to the heritage sites of the World like Valley of Flowers National Park which is going to be the 8th Wonder of the World and also the way to Char DhamYatra.

Rishikesh is an upstream to Haridwar, a spiritual town known as Place of Sagas. It is surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the hills from three sides. You can also do the trekking expeditions in the Himalayan peaks and also for the White River Rafting.



Goa is situated in southwest of India. It is near the Arabian Sea touched by its western coast and it has very smallest area and the fourth one in the population category. It also has a mixture of Indian and Portugese culture.

Goa is a home to exotic, zesty, refreshing and very colourful. It is also lush green fields, colourful homes and a soothing sleepiness in atmosphere. It also offers you residence in casual budget. It is mostly associated with the tourist on beaches, happening night life and also gives its way to Portugese architecture over 300 years old.


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Har Ki Doon Valley

Har Ki Doon Valley

If you are planning for most mesmerising tour & travel in India then this valley is a hampering shaped hanging valleys in the Himalayas of Garhwal. The snow covered peaks and Alpine vegetation covered this valley from the entire region. Borasu Pass is the route connected by Valley of Baspa.

It is at 3500m approximately above mean sea level and covered with snow from October to March. Around 25 Km, this valley is from surrounded by Taluka. From Taluka, it is the origin of trekking to this valley and passes through Seema, Osala and Gangaad.

In two stages, this 2-days trek can be completed. The first stage is covered from Taluka to Seema or Osala and the second stage is from Seema or Osala to Harki Dun. You can return via the same route. In single day, you can complete your return journey.



This state is in the eastern part of India. In 1975, the monarchy ended up and integrate into India as a part of its State. It is at the border of Nepal in its west. It is a very popular tourist destination for its well known culture, backdrops and biodiversity. This state is least populous and has an open border between India and China.

Geographically, it is very diverse due to the presence of Himalayas and their climate ranges from subtropical to high alpine. The third world’s largest peak is Kanchenjunga located at the border of state with Nepal. The state has 11 official languages. It is also famous for its several adventure tour activities like trekking.

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