Trekking In Himalayas – A Perfect Trip

Trek in himalayas

Uttarakhand is the best place for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The beauty of mountains and Himalayas attracts the people from all over the globe. Uttarakhand is one of the place which provide exciting trekking, adventure bugs and enticing destination for trekking. Trekking in Himalaya is an unforgettable experience of life. Himalayas is one of the most awe- inspiring place.

Trekking in uttrakhand

Valley of Flowers Trek


Valley of Flowers is the best place to visit during monsoon. If you are going to plan a trek in uttarakhand, must visit the valley of flowers. This trek is certainly a heaven for nature lovers and photographers. This place is surrounded by the wildflowers. This place is also the home of the wild animals such as Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Snow leopard and many more. It is one of the high-altitude Himalayan valleys. You can see the colorful birds and butterflies over there.

Dodital Trek


Dodital is situated 3307m above sea level, in the north of Uttarakashi (uttarakhand).  Dodital is surrounded by lush greenery with crystal clear water which makes this place ultimate destination for travelers and photographers. Trek starts from Sangamchatti and heads to Agoda village.

Dodital is the birth place of Lord Ganesha and is situated at the bank of the Dodital lake.The beauty of this place attract the people from all over the globe. The Climatic conditions of these places vary because of the high altitude.


Trekking Places In Uttarakhand

Chandershilla trek


There are so many places in uttarakhand which provides trekking opportunity to the nature lover, Chandershilla is one of them. This place is situated at the peak of the mountains which is 13,000 ft from the sea level and provides 360 degree view of Himalayas. Best time to visit this place is 4am before the sunrise. This place provides the best sunrise view. Because of the low oxygen level it is very hard to trek during day time. The Trek starts from the chopta which is 3470m to Tungnath temple and then 3700m onto Chandrashila Top.

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